Long reef headland found on the northern beaches in Sydney, is one of the most beautiful and breathtaking locations in Sydney that I know of. I have been there in all weather conditions and each time it doesn't disappoint. Below are some of my best images I have managed to get while down at Long Reef during both sunrise and sunset. 

Sunset after a storm on a winter's day. 

Sunrise and sunset are the best times for most cases of photography as the light is soft and even. That is, the light that the sun produces at sunrise and sunset is directional and creates pleasing, low contrasting images for the eye to look at. This directional light then helps to eliminate unwanted shadows within the frame. For example, strong shadows under the eyes from the sun being high in the sky during the middle of the day. 

Sea Eagle with breakfast at Sunrise. 

Crested Terns during a mating display.