I, Scott Turner the face behind Roar Media Group, had the opportunity to work with some of the world's top businesses filming both television commercials and online campaigns. Some of these awesome brands include: Microsoft, Intel, Lenovo, Red Bull, Australian Geographic, National Geographic, Discovery, Canon Australia, RED Digital Cinema, Holden and Telsa. I label myself as a Director of Photography but at heart I'll do anything to get the shot, from pre-production meetings, production itself and the treatment in post product, I love all aspects of the film-making process. I have also been honored by National Geographic on their Your Shot community home page and have multiple trending images within the Your Shot community, each receiving hundreds of thousands of views. I have been featured by Canon Australia to provide examples of fast shutters speeds on their social media pages and have further been given shout outs from Canon advocating and endorsing my skills, found here. I am a contributor and teacher of Cinematography at the North Sydney Institute of TAFE - St Leonard's campus, filming  high valued events for them and helping students out in both cinematography and photography when I can.

Personal information
I was born and raised in Sydney, Australia and continue to live in Sydney today. I got into photography about 6 years ago where I was received my first DSLR for Christmas. At this time it Canon's newest entry level DLSR, the Canon EOS 450D (they are now up to what the 750D?) and I began my creative journey here. I quickly progressed into the video world like many do. Video allows me to create something more, something that can envelop the viewer, using both sound and imagery to tell the story. It's about how the 2 come together and assist each other that really caught my interest. From that point on I was hooked. I used to watch every video I could find, read every blog on the internet and watch seminars and lectures over and over to learn as much as I could.  I moved in the video world after discovering the beautiful mesh audio and visuals can have to really tell a story. Sure photos are great for capturing a moment but I wanted to capture stories and have people be entranced by them. Film making allows me to share these stories and moments in life with thousands of people all around the world who may never experience them first hand.